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Baudelaire Fractal, Lisa Robertson

Baudelaire Fractal, Lisa Robertson

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Lisa Robertson
The Baudelaire Fractal

Publisher: Coach House Books
Pages: 166

This publication is part of artist Allison Katz reading list, selected on the occasion of ‘Artery’ at Camden Art Centre, 2022.

One morning, Hazel Brown awakes in a badly decorated hotel room to find that she's written the complete works of Charles Baudelaire. In her bemusement the hotel becomes every cheap room she ever stayed in during her youthful perambulations in 1980s Paris. This is the legend of a she-dandy's life.

Part magical realism, part feminist ars poetica, part history of tailoring, part bibliophilic anthem, part love affair with nineteenth-century painting, The Baudelaire Fractal is poet and art writer Lisa Robertson's first novel.