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Limestone, Anthony Kellman

Limestone, Anthony Kellman

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Anthony Kellman ‎
Limestone: An epic poem of Barbados

Publisher: Peepal Tree Press
Pages: 280
ISBN: 9781845230036

This publication is part of artist Julien Creuzet reading list, selected on the occasion of 'Too blue, too deep, too dark we sank...' at Camden Art Centre, 2022.

The island of Barbados is the central character is this epic poem, which combines narrative development, historical insight, and traditional folk sounds to tell the story of the island from the time of early Amerindians to the present day. Anthony Kellman invents his own Tuk verse forms that include the three-line tercet verse form, rhymed couplets in tetrameter, and rhythmic patterns of the snare drum. These provide a cadence to each section of the poem, whose sound is organic to the people and cultures being described. Legendary figures including indigenous leader Samuel Jackman Prescod and invented characters provide windows into the polarizing and uniting issues in the nation's history and illustrate the suffering and achievement of Barbados's known and unknown heroes.