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Mike Nelson: Quiver (Glove, New York, 2010)

Mike Nelson: Quiver (Glove, New York, 2010)

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Mike Nelson
Quiver (Glove, New York, 2010), 2010

Medium: Etching
Size:19.50 x 24 cm
Edition of 25 + 5 5 A/P

Signed, numbered, dated on reverse of print

The work is made from pressing the glove directly onto a plate, which was then acid etched. Short of printing directly from the glove it was the most direct and consistent way to make the work. The glove is the right hand of a pair I used to make the piece Quiver of Arrrows in New York, 2010. I normally get through a pair while building each of the larger shows. This edition has a close affinity to the installation Tools that see (the possessions of a thief), 2016: an exhibition that both became, and spoke of, the absence of the work and the author.

Mike Nelson came to prominence in the late 1990s, creating psychological environments by sifting through the debris of modern life. His installations are expansive dominions for assemblages of cultural detritus, often referencing specific works of literature and countercultural or failed political movements. Nelson was a resident artist at Camden Arts Centre in 1998.

Mike Nelson (b. 1967 in Loughborough, England) lives and works in London. He represented the UK at the Venice Biennale in 2011 and his works have been presented in many group and solo exhibitions around the world, including A Psychic Vacuum, Creative Time, New York 2007; Le Cannibale (Parody, Consumption and Institutional Critique), Villa Arson, Nice 2008; Tate Triennal 2009; Psycho Buildings, Hayward Gallery, London 2008; The caves of misplaced geometry, Galleria Franco Noero, Turin 2009; 303 Gallery, New York 2010, 2015; Amnesiac Hide, The Power Plant, Toronto 2014 plus a number of biennials (Venice 2001, Sydney 2002, Istanbul 2003, São Paolo 2004, Singapore 2011, Lyon 2015).

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