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Eric Bainbridge: The Vitals Of Jimmy The Nail

Eric Bainbridge: The Vitals Of Jimmy The Nail

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Eric Bainbridge
The Vitals Of Jimmy The Nail, 2012

Medium: Aluminium flat bar 10mm, (industrial water jet - high pressure water mixed with superfine grit, computer generated from drawing)
Size: 46 x 20 x 1 cm
Edition of 10

Jimmy The Nail has featured in Bainbridge’s work spasmodically since 1984 – a play between the image of a cut floorboard nail and the then popular actor Jimmy Nail. The first called THE DILEMMA OF JIMMY THE NAIL was made from ocelot fur fabric. The VITALS are essential organs, the life force of Jimmy The Nail; they are represented in the edition as voids, and at the time of the exhibition, Steel Sculptures, created a dialogue with the work on display. The edition is intended to be placed in any orientation: upright against a wall, lying flat on floor, horizontal against a wall, hanging, etc

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