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Public Domain, Marina Xenofontos

Marina Xenofontos

Public Domain

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Marina Xenofontos, Public Domain, 2023
Digital Print
30.5 x 39 cm
Edition of 21
Certificate signed and numbered

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This edition has been produced on the occasion of Marina Xenofontos' exhibition Public Domain at Camden Art Centre, 2023.

About the work
Recipient of the 2022 Camden Art Centre Emerging Artist Prize at Frieze, this autumn Marina Xenofontos responds to the architecture, light and space of Camden’s spaces with an ambitious new commission that marks her first institutional solo exhibition in the UK. The exhibition’s title – Public Domain – sets up a tension between objects that are in free circulation and the often deeply personal content explored in the work. It speaks to the ubiquitous and often overlooked cultural materials that contribute to the fabric of civic life, and the sense in which modern social relations are largely mediated by representations that come to replace directly lived experience. One of these mass-produced objects features in the exhibition and is the subject of Xenofontos’ edition: an aluminium security door removed and imported from Cyprus and adjusted to the entrance to Gallery 3. Commonly found in working class neighbourhoods from the late 1970s and onwards, these silver-and-gold-anodized doors had once symbolised middle class aspirations of wealth, class mobility, success, and potential. Withdrawn from an undifferentiated realm of circulation, singled out and salvaged by the artist who invests it with personal significance, its status is elevated in the exhibition site.

About the artist
Marina Xenofontos (b.1988, Limassol, Cyprus) lives and works in Athens, Greece. Recent solo exhibitions include: In Practice, SculptureCenter, New York (2023); failed cache, Hot Wheels Athens (2023); Safe Spaces, Ermes Ermes, Rome (2022); Certain Character Index, A Maior, Viseu (2022); Frieze London, with Hot Wheels Athens, London (2022); Carousel, AKWA IBOM, Athens (2022); I heard that there are many things in life that we can go beyond, La Plage, Paris (2022); I don’t sleep, I dream, The Island Club, Limassol (2021). Her work has been exhibited at Eva Presenhuber Gallery, Zurich; Sweetwater, Berlin; Phenomenon Biennale, Anafi; Scheusal, Berlin; Sala Impasti, Milan; Charim Gallery, Vienna; gb agency, Paris; and Deste Foundation, amongst others. Xenofontos is represented by Hot Wheels Athens and was one of the founding members of the collective and artist-run project space Neoterismoi Toumazou.

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