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Strange Rios, Daniel Rios Rodriguez

Daniel Rios Rodriguez

Strange Rios

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Daniel Rios Rodriguez, Strange Rios, 2020
37 x 28.5 cm
Edition of 30
Signed and numbered certificate

Standard Price £250 *
Patron’s Price £225 **

* Edition prices will increase as they sell out.
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This edition has been produced on the occasion of The Botanical Mind,Art, Mysticism and the Cosmic Tree, at Camden Art Centre, 2020.

About the work
 'Like constellations, like animals, like plant life itself, we are spaced apart and wary of each other. But we know there is life in it. Each root needs its own well and sunbeam, each star its own gravitational pull on orbiting masses, each animal its own shelter and kin. Yet somehow we also recognize that we form a whole world of meaning. That life, despite all attempts to hinder it, will persist. It is infinite. That there are more stars, birds and flowers yet to be born. We grow on top of and push and pull at each other in order to live, in order for others to live, so that we can all experience the night again and again.' - Daniel Rodriguez

About the Artist
Daniel Rios Rodriguez (b. 1978, Killeen, TX) makes intimate and exuberant semi-figurative paintings that combine images from nature with fantastical visions. The artist works on a small scale, building coarse layers of impasto upon homemade panels in irregular shapes (uneven rectangles, ovals, starburst forms with jagged edges). Often these assemblages bear impromptu frames, built by the artist with found wood, frayed strips of rope, nails or copper wire, introducing a collaged element. “Daniel Rios Rodriguez’s quirky, unassuming paintings don’t fall into any easily recognizable niche or category”, writes Art in America’s Kyle MacMillan. Though his work is informed by the canon of European Modernism and art historical painting, the artist looks equally towards peripheral figures like the visionary Texan painter Forrest Bess.

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