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Sofi's treat, Vivian Suter

Vivian Suter

Sofi's treat

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Vivian Suter, Sofi's Treat, 2020
40 x 29 cm
Edition of 30
Signed and numbered

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This edition has been produced on the occasion of Vivian Suter's exhibition Tintin's Sofa at Camden Art Centre, 2020. 

About the artist
Argentine-Swiss artist Vivain Suter (b. 1949, Buenos Aires), lives and works in Panajachel, Guatemala, in the midst of the jungle beside the volcanic lake Atitlán. Drawing inspiration from the lush plants, vibrant flowers, birds and constantly changing weather of this tropical habitat, her mixed media abstract paintings evoke the living energy of the forest: large, unstretched canvases are swathed in colour, gestural brushstrokes and organic motifs. Removed from the tropical setting in which it was conceived, this print bears witness to its unique environment at a time of renewed focus on this vital but increasingly vulnerable ecological resource.

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